" I am so happy at the House of Peace. We are all from different countries, have different faiths and speak different languages. None of this matters because we understand each other's pain. We are Neighbours."


The House of Peace provides a warm and engaging home for 18 newcomer women of diverse cultures and voices. These women, who have suffered beyond measure due to poverty, war, violence and abuse, may stay for up to two years.

The House of Peace is dedicated to help them heal from past trauma, set goals and move forward together with dignity and hope.

From 2004 to 2017, 125 newcomer women from 36 countries and
10 faith traditions have lived at The House of Peace as friendly “Neighbours”, a term of endearment we use when referring to our residents.


  • Staff are a live-in 24/7 resource.  They help the Neighbours with health, education and immigration issues, computer problems, government and employment forms, resumes and references.


  • Numerous House of Peace opportunities build confidence, broaden experiences and develop skills: private tutoring, music, yoga, swimming, art and sewing lessons, outings to cultural and sport events and visits to volunteers’ pools and cottages.


  • Over time, Neighbours regain their professional status, find employment or further their education.


  • When they are ready to transition, volunteers and staff are there to help pave the way.


  • 86% of the Neighbours stay in contact with the House of Peace.


  • 91% are employed and/or in school when they move forward.


Newcomer women from the following 36 countries have lived at the House of Peace.:  Botswana, Lesotho, Ghana, Nigeria, DRC, Liberia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Burundi, Somalia, Rwanda, Sudan, Namibia, Gambia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, South Korea, Mexico, Peru, Jamaica, Kyrgyzstan, Sweden, Switzerland, Scotland, Canada, USA

They are Hindu, Sikh, Sufi, Muslim, Buddhist, Orthodox, Protestant, Catholic, Quaker, Unitarian and Mennonite.