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"At the House of Peace everyone here is somebody's sister and mother. We are women rising up together."

“We trust the House of Peace will continue to be
a leader and take big, bold strides to envision
a world of justice, tenderness and communion.” 

     A Corporate Executive

Committed volunteers, with diverse skills and life experience, govern the House of Peace. The Board empowers Staff to be bold and creative in responding to urgent and challenging needs in this non-profit organization home for women empowerment.


"As a governance board,  we are entrusted with ensuring stability, financial sustainability, and strong strategic leadership. Each of you who choose to serve is valued for your knowledge, experience and insight. It is my honour to work with you in service of this important organization." 

Marcella Poirier


2023 - 2024


Sina Aiello  

Monica Giesbrecht

Kaitlyn Militano

Ezinne Ofoegbu

Nadia Paul

Rosalinda Amato 


President:           Marcella Poirier  

Vice President    Daneeka Abon          

Treasurer:           Joshua Villanueva

Secretary:           Arnella Myers

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