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12 Stepping Stones For Living.  

   1. Treasure and unwrap the gift of each Neighbour care-fully. 

   2. Walk beside each Neighbour with a listening heart.

   3. Focus on each Neighbour’s goodness and strength. 

   4. Be gracious and welcome each person and event with a smile.

   5. Encourage your Neighbours and celebrate their joys.

   6. Comfort and be there for each other in difficult times.

   7. Be honest and sensitive when you speak.

   8. Celebrate the richness of the Neighbours’ cultures, beliefs and experiences.

   9. Surprise your Neighbour and do something kind for them.

  10. Pursue your dreams and goals and share your gifts in the community.  

  11. Respect Earth, our home.

  12. Live with a grateful heart.  

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