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"At the House of Peace I am surrounded by wonderful women from all over the world. They have suffered so much, yet still, they love life and care for each other"

At the House of Peace, I learned skills that are not part of my culture.

I discovered that people from other parts of the world do things differently, and sometimes even better than me. 

I am happy. 

Holy Names House of Peace group of newcomer women picture 1
Holy Names House of Peace group of newcomer women pic 2
Holy Names House of Peace group of newcomer women pic 3


Holy Names House of Peace, a not-for-profit organization founded in 2004, is an intercultural, life affirming refuge in the heart of Winnipeg that welcomes all. This life affirming community provides a safe home for newcomer women in transition.

The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary are educators dedicated to empowering impoverished and marginalised persons. Active on three continents, their work focuses mainly on: refugees and migrants, human trafficking and access to clean water.

A world of justice, tenderness and communion. 

Empowering newcomer women to begin life anew.


Be Inclusive and Accessible

  • By welcoming the richness of diverse cultures, beliefs, and experiences

  • By opening the door wide every day


Be a Caring and Hope-filled Community

  • By celebrating people’s strength and goodness

  • By responding to needs with courage and compassion


Be Transformative

  • By loving our Neighbour

  • By sponsoring initiatives that promote justice, peace and understanding

Laara (2).jpg

Laara - HOP Security Guard 

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