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" Thank you for introducing me to Nancy (a volunteer). She has become my friend and is always available to me. She takes me shopping and looks after little Barrack so I can get some things done and have some time for myself " 


Help us to empower women to choose life and to begin anew.

The House of Peace has 181 active volunteers who add life and love to our home. They come from all areas of the City, are from diverse countries and speak a multitude of languages.  They arrive by car or bus, by bike or on foot. 

Volunteers are the foundation on which the House of Peace stands. Their investment of time, vision and energy helps the House of Peace achieve its mandate, reduces cost of operations and ensures creative programing.

Volunteers find their commitment both rewarding and challenging. Their lives are enriched with new understanding and heartfelt relationships. Before long, the volunteers discover, that for better or worse, they are life long members of the House of Peace.

OUR volunteers are our greatest asset. We have the best!


The following is a list of volunteer opportunities:

  1. Leadership: Board Member, consultant

  2. Hospitality: Receptionist, facilitator of special events

  3. Finance: Data entry, accounting

  4. Cooking: Lunch preparation, grocery shopping

  5. Building Maintenance: Mr. or Ms. Fix It

  6. Education/ Recreation: Instructor, facilitator, tutor

  7. Chapel: Choir, lector, Eucharistic minister, sacristy

  8. Settlement: Assistance to Neighbours to adjust and connect with services

  9. Transition: Advocacy and help for the Neighbours when they move

Should you wish to volunteer your talents in an area not found on this list please contact us.

TO VOLUNTEER, call Sr. Huguette at 204-942-5535 or by email her at

To join us as a volunteer,

please call Sister Lesley at


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