Happy 15th Anniversary!

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.”   
Kofi Annan 


2019 marks the 15th Anniversary of the House of Peace! With no idea of what 211 Edmonton would become, and with the financial help of the Sisters of the Holy Names and Bob Dick, Sister Lesley and Sister Vera moved in. Over time, the vision and dream un-folded and the House of Peace became a home with many rooms!

Kofi Annan’s words ring true and resonate in me every day. I have witnessed 150 women call the House of Peace ‘home’ in the last 15 years. The House of Peace has empowered these women to focus on personal goals, pursue their dreams and connect with community in meaningful ways.

I am proud to be part of an organization that cares about newcomer women and recognizes the positive impact healthy, functioning women have on their families and in turn, on and in the greater community. These women stand as a beacon of hope in a world looking for answers.

You are our partners whether in supporting our annual ‘Welcome Home Dinner’ or raffle, volunteering or donating. Thank you.

Come.  Celebrate and continue partnering with us during our 15th Anniversary Year.  Together, we “create a home where hope empowers newcomer women to live life and begin anew.”


How? On the 15th of each month contribute $15.00 to the House of Peace.


2019 - A Year of Wonder and Joy!  Happy 15th!

Maria Battaglia

Together, create a home where hope empowers
newcomer women to live life and begin anew.

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